Holovista is owned and operated by Matthew Andrews and Rob Munday, both of whom are established holographic and lenticular portrait artists. The work of both Rob Munday and Matthew Andrews is unique and highly original and both have been commissioned to create portraits of members of Royal Family's. Their works are shown in numerous museums and galleries throughout the world.
Matthew Andrews

Matthew Andrews specialises in unique 'Story Portraits'. Story Portraits tell a story by incorporating a multitude of photographs into an animated collage. Any size can be accommodated from 40 cm square to entire walls. Above left shows a story portrait that was commissioned by Gary Barlow of Take That and X-Factor fame. Above centre shows a large story portrait positioned on a landing. 
Rob Munday specialises in 3D holographic and lenticular portraits. Portrait sizes range from 20 * 25 cm to 1 * 2 meters in size. A 3D lenticular portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Rob Munday is currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery.
Please take a look at Rob's and Matthew's own websites to learn more about these new and exciting portraits by clicking on the links above.


3D and animated holographic and lenticular artworks
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