Retail - POS

Holovista can produce eye-catching 3D holographic, lenticular and stereoscopic displays for the retail environment.


Above left, a 1.9m x 0.7m lenticular that contains 3D elements and flip animation. This piece was part of a stand that Glenfiddich had at London's Stansted Airport in the UK. The lenticular was used to gain peoples attention and to draw them to the stand. Due to the success of the installation at Stansted Airport William Grant placed another copy of the lenticular in Munich Airport.


Above centre, is an animated holographic display for the foyer of Thomas Cook's world-wide headquarters. It won a coveted International Hologram Manufacturers Association 'Excellence in Holography Award' for its unique and technically challanging design.
Above right, a 3D and animated lenticular for the launch of Microsoft's Xbox 360.
3D and animated holograms, lenticular images and stereoscopic displays for retail and point of sale
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