3D and animated holograms, lenticular images and stereoscopic displays for the film and television industry

One of Holovista's specialist areas of expertise is the production of 3D and animated lenticular images, holograms and stereoscopic displays for the film and television industry. Based at Halliford Film Studios in Shepperton near London and close to Pinewood, Shepperton, Teddington, Leavesdon, Elstree and Ealing film studios it is uniquely placed to cater for the growing number of applications within the 3D film and television industry.


Holovista can provided the highest quality 3D and animated lenticular images and displays up to 4 * 8 ft (120 * 240 cm) in size for exhibitions, visualisations, merchandise, crew gifts, point of sale and promotional use.


If you are shooting a 3D film or television program Holovista can provide you with professional 3D prints and hardcopy.

"I love creating worlds to a degree where you can almost smell them." Ridley Scott
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