3D and animated holograms, lenticular images and stereographic displays for exhibitions

Holovista has produced holograms, lenticular images and stereoscopic displays for exhibitions around the world.

Above left, a two colour 43 cm X 32 cm reflection hologram produced for the British Pavilion at the World Expo in Seville. It was commissioned by the British Pavilion themselves to give an overall view of the architecture whilst inside the building. The hologram also allowed the pre-visualisation of the finished structure prior to building it.

Above right, the latest digital hologram technology allows visitors to view a holographic objects or scenes on a flat horizontal surface from 360 degrees.

A series of large format 3D rainbow holograms which were presented by the Council of Madrid in an exhibition which toured around Spain. The intention was to show the public holographic visualisations of proposed architechtural projects.

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