3D and animated holograms, lenticular images and stereographic displays for museums

Holograms, lenticulars and 3D television systems are the latest additions to high tech museum displays enabling the viewer to see museum artefacts in a whole new light.


Top left is a multi-colour hologram produced for the Science Museum in London.


Top centre is Altamura Man, a life-sized laser illuminated holographic display for the Slovene Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It depicts a prehistoric person that was found at the bottom of a narrow pit at the moment of his death.


Top right shows a hologram of the Navan skull which, as the viewer moves past, spookily fades into a life sized 3D reconstruction of the Celtic personís face.


Bottom right shows a hologram of the Grotesque Helmet of King Henry VIII which, together with those of Charles 1st and James II, were created for The Royal Armouries at The Tower of London and were used for display and as merchandise to sell in the museum shop.


Bottom left, Holovista moves equipment into the British Museum to record the marble bust of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus - See BRITISH MUSEUM project.


Bottom centre are two 3D images created for The Oxfordshire Museum for display on the latest stereoscopic TV system - see THE OXFORDSHIRE MUSEUM project.


Holovista recently developed 3D ARTEFACT - a new 3D recording process and museum display that has been developed by Holovista to utilise the latest cost effective 3D TV technology.






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