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3D Artefact is a new 3D recording process and museum display that has been developed by Holovista to utilise the latest cost effective 3D TV technology to maximum effect.
Artefacts appear to float magically in space whilst slowly rotating in front of the viewer. Holovista offers a complete service to record artefacts, create a 3D video or 3D Artefact digital database and provide the 3D TV technology.
Museums and heritage attractions can now display artefacts in this contemporary, interactive and exciting way.
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'We were amazed at the quality and detail of the objects. People tried to stretch out and grab them, it was so convincing that they almost believed they were floating out of the screen in mid air!
The academic partners on the project were really taken by the fact that this is the closest you are ever going to be able to get to those small objects in the collection that have so many stories to tell. It was definitely the highlight of the exhibition and the thing people were still talking about afterwards.'
                            Susan Hughes, Museum Director, Grosvenor Museum, Chester, May 2013.
Key advantages include:
*   Spectacular projected 3D images
*   Utilises the latest cost effective 3D TV technology
 Emphasise the incredible craftsmanship and detail of small objects
*   Great fun for all ages with a big WOW factor
*   Show artefacts which are in storage
*   Build a library of 3D Artefacts
*   Small to cinema sized 3D screens
*   Show as sequential video or by digital selection via a touch screen
*   Sell 3D Artefacts on USB keys for display in the home or at school
*   Holovista can record artefacts on site or at Holovista's studio
Example 3D Artefact installations:
The Oxfordshire Museum
The Grosvenor, Chester