3D and animated holograms and lenticular images for publishing

Holograms and lenticular images have been used on covers and inside books, magazines, brochures and catalogues for many years. There is however a renewed interest in the use of 3D images in publishing due to the lower cost of production, improved 3D quality and a much wider choice of images thanks to the latest 2D to 3D conversion techniques.


Holovista was asked by The Random House Group, publishers of the highly successful Tommy Cooper Joke Book, to create a three-dimensional and animated cover for their latest offering, Tommy Copper's Book of Mirth, Magic and Mischief by John Fisher. The cover was designed by Andy Spence of Andy Spence Design and dimensionalised and animated by artists at Holovista. The resultant animated 3D lenticular wonderfully depicts the late British comedian's immortal line 'Not Like That... Like That...' and creates a truly eye-catching cover that will literally stand out from the shelves.


Light up Your Life is a children's book on all things to do with Light. The author came to Holovista's studios, and using a unique 3D camera system, Holovista's holographers recorded a fully three dimensional, full colour animated holographic portrait. The portrait was manipulated and a lightning effect added such that it appears to come from the author's finger. The embossed hologram was positioned on the back of the book to replace a conventional portrait.


Famously the National Geographic magazine has used holograms on several of its covers as has many hundreds of other magazines.



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