3D and animated holograms and lenticular images for promotions

From direct mail to high quality invitation cards, holographic or lenticular promotional items provide for unique and attractive products that, unlike traditionally printed items, will almost certainly be kept by the recipient and shown eagerly to friends, colleagues and family.


Above left is an A5 animated, 3D lenticular invitation to the UK launch of a new KitchenAid product. It was provided with the details of the event printed on the reverse and supplied in an envelope ready for posting.


Above right are two lenticular postcards that were commissioned by Nike to promote "GOT MOVES" freestyle face off in London's Earls Court 2 and Manchester's G-MEX. The postcards promoted an event for teenagers to show off their football and basketball skills in a nationwide competition of sporting skills. 40,000 postcards were printed with full colour printing on the reverse.

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