Commemorations and awards
3D and animated holographic and lenticular displays for commemorations and awards
Do you need to commemorate an important event or present a unique award?
Examples include:
Above left, a holographic enzyme molecule was presented to Lord David Phillips, the founding father of structural biology and the person who determined the structure of the lysozyme enzyme molecule, upon his retirement from Oxford University.
Above right, a 43 cm * 32 cm single colour reflection hologram made to commemorate the opening of Surrey Universityís satellite research department. The hologram, which displays over 1m of projection, was unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen and a smaller version was presented to her.
A specially minted limited edition set of 24 carat gold coins to commemorate the death of Enzo Ferrari. The real coins sat inside a mahogany box lined with the best French leather whilst a glass holographic replica of the coins sat in a recess on top of its lid. The hologram depicted the coins magically floating above the lid of the box.
The famous de Beers trophy for the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes horse race, presented by the Queen at Ascot, was designed by artist John Harwood to contain a series of holographic windows, each window depicting a 3D version of Eadweard Muybridge's running horse.
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