Interior Design
3D and animated holograms, lenticular images and 3D displays for interior design and architectural applications

Architectural and interior design applications are many and varied and range from 'optical' art and sculptural works to holographic and lenticular floor tiles and from transparent lenticular windows to rainbow effect cladding for buildings.


The above images depict an animated, multi-image lenticular work by Holovista's Matthew Andrews. It was produced for the famous and newly renovated restaurant "The Chalet Robinson" which has been a favourite place to eat in Brussels for over 300 years. The Chalet, which is set on an island in the middle of a lake in a central Brussels park, has seen generations of people crossing the lake by ferry to attend many historical events. These events have been recorded over the years in postcard form and our client gave us over 100 postcards from which to make this 'story portrait' piece. It is displayed in the most prominent position within the restaurant.


The Soho Hospitality Group in Tokyo and The Rockwell Group in New York commissioned a unique feature for a top Sushi restaurant within Nomura Corporation's new flagship building in the Roppongi Hills District of Tokyo. Working with architects and interior designers, a concept was developed that integrated three laser illuminated display holograms of fish with an interior waterfall feature. The result was that a multitude of Salmon fish appeared to leap magically from the real waterfall. The project was a resounding success, attracting crowds in the restaurant and press coverage at the launch. It latterly won an IHMA International Award of Excellence for the unique use of holograms in a resteruant environment.
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